Erin has always believed form and function are not mutually exclusive. She believes anything that works well can also be beautiful, and this has been a guiding principle throughout her career.

As Creative Director at The Wonderfactory, Erin oversees the career growth, training and talent management of all our art directors and designers. In addition, she manages The Wonderfactory brand, including all the materials and assets needed to promote our work and our company.

Erin has been with The Wonderfactory since August 2005. Prior to that, she worked as an Art Director at AOL where she helped define and enforce the universal design standards that guided the company’s transition from a proprietary software platform to an open system utilizing web standard technology. She played an instrumental role in creating a suite of design elements for use by all AOL content channels and to ensure a consistent style and level of quality.

Erin also spent time as AOL’s Studio Liaison, establishing and maintaining relationships with the industry’s best design and production studios to provide additional support to the internal AOL studio. She designed and built a database for use by internal teams seeking additional support, and helped these teams identify the best and most appropriate external resource.

Before AOL, Erin was an Associate Creative Director at WorldNow. Here she oversaw the development of a template-driven proprietary CMS utilized by a network of over 120 local media outlets to build an online presence. She managed a team of up to 10 designers, and herself designed over 50 customer-facing web sites. She was also instrumental in creating the marketing and brand initiatives for the company, including establishing a strong presence at the National Association of Television Program Executives annual conference.

Erin began her career at Modem Media where she worked with clients such as JCPenney, Christie’s Auction House, Kraft, Citibank and AT&T, and she played a key role in the redesign of Her concept and design work for an AT&T banner won an Addy in 1998.

Erin has also lent her design expertise to NPower, a national nonprofit helping other nonprofits benefit from the latest technological advances; Elizabeth Fillmore Bridal, a high-end line of bridal attire launched in 1998; and to a number of other small independent companies and individuals looking to enhance their brands and establish a strong web presence.